Part 9: Conclusions 

Water can, it seems, be “flung” in a variety of different ways. Indeed spray nozzle manufacturers will boast catalogues with literally tens of thousands of different nozzles. Most of these will be variations on the basic designs discussed above but nonetheless getting the correct nozzle to produce the spray with the optimum characteristics for your process is not a simple task.

This brief article is unlikely to enable the reader to make a completely informed decision on exactly which nozzle will produce the precise spray required for any given process. It will however, enable the start of a meaningful conversation with a specialist manufacturer. Good nozzle manufacturers will have software to enable quick droplet size, impact and reach calculations to be performed for their range of products. So at the very least this article should enable the reader at least to appreciate what information a vendor will need to make the necessary calculations. It should also arm the reader with enough information to detect those that have, how shall we say?, a “less than perfect” understanding of their product.

Guide to spray properties