Spray Nozzle


Flanged high flow rate full cone spray nozzle

NCFL high Flow Rate Full Cone Nozzle

The NCFL nozzle is a high flow rate full cone nozzle with coarse atomisation. It is the flanged version of the NC nozzle. It has an all-plastic design for maximum chemical compatibility. With a wide range of sizes and spray angles, the NC is used in applications such as:

  • Absorber Sprays
  • Deluge Cooling
  • Packed Bed Fluid Distribution
  • Gas Scrubbing Parts Washing
  • And many more.

Design Features

    • Large internal passages
    • Uniform spray coverage
    • High flow rates with coarse atomisation
    • Variety of polymer materials available, offering high corrosion resistance
    • For metal alloy nozzles refer to SC and TC

Spray Characteristics

    • Spray pattern: Full Cone
    • Spray angles: 60°, 90°, and 120°
    • Flow rates: 350 to 19700 l/min (Special flow rates available)

NCFL Spray Nozzle Data Image