Spray Nozzle


CW Three piece cone nozzle

CW three piece cone nozzle

The CW is a three piece construction nozzle that consists of a base/body, a spray tip, and a retaining cap. The tips can be interchanged to give different spray patterns from the same assembly. The CW is available with both hollow cone and full cone spray tips. It is used in a variety of spray applications including:

  • Foam Control
  • Fire Protection
  • Parts cooling
  • And more

Design Feature

    • Standard 3-piece construction
    • Optional 50- or 100-mesh strainer
    • Male and female connections
    • Interchangeable spray tips

Spray Characteristics

    • Spray patterns: Full Cone (F) Or Hollow Cone (H)
    • Spray angles: 80° and 120°
    • Flow rates: 0.424 to 8.39 l/min