Spray Nozzle


Eductor Mixing Nozzles

Eductor mixing nozzle

Eductors are a simple and cost-effective way to improve mixing and recirculation systems. Submerged in a tank liquid is pumped through the eductor. The design is such that the motion of the pumped liquid entrains the surrounding liquid via the Venturi effect. This means that approximately 5 times the volume of the pumped liquid is moved. In effect, the efficiency of the pump is increased 5 fold.

    Design Feature

      • Standard 3-piece construction
      • Optional 50- or 100-mesh strainer
      • Male and female connections
      • Interchangeable spray tips

    Spray Characteristics

      • Spray patterns: Full Cone (F) Or Hollow Cone (H)
      • Spray angles: 80° and 120°
      • Flow rates: 0.424 to 8.39 l/min