Spray Nozzle


Electronically Actuated Nozzles

Electronically Actuated Nozzle (Industrial)

The Electric HydroPulse® nozzle for industrial applications (EHPi) ensures precision volumes of expensive ingredients and compounds are sprayed directly onto the processing target, with overspray waste virtually eliminated. The EHPi spray nozzles can be paired with the FlexFlow™ Precision Spray Control system which provides ultimate timing control, achieving uniform coverage even if conveyor speed is adjusted.


    • Apply PMDI or LPF resin in the blender
    • Apply slack wax, tallow wax or e-wax in the blender
    • Add surface moisture before pressing boards
    • Apply mixed release agent on mats, cauls, or press belts when using PMDI resins
    • Mark nail lines on oriented strand board (OSB)


    •  Ensure precise application and reduce waste
    • Integrate tonnage or line speed to maintain uniform coverage when variables change
    • Reduce the use of expensive resins, waxes, or release agents by applying the exact volume required
    • Apply the optimal amount of surface moisture to increase production by decreasing time in the press
    • Confidently transition to running full polymeric MDI products with non-stick press protection
    • Eliminate compressed air from most pre-press and wax operations