Spray Nozzle


Spinning tank cleaner in 316 stainless

HWS - spinning tank cleaner

The HWS tank cleaning head delivers a robust cleaning action to the entire vessel. It is fluid powered, with the rotary action driven by liquid pressure. The HWS is manufactured in hygienic 316 stainless steel making it ideal for food and pharmaceutical cleaning applications. It is a suitable choice of tank cleaner for small-medium sized vessels with light to moderately tough residues

Design Feature

    • Cleans more quickly, and uses less spray media and lower pressure than static tank washers
    • Surface finish of 0.8 μm (microns) Ra or better: ideal for sanitary applications
    • Laser-welded design for durability
    • Stainless steel construction - corrosion resistant material
    • Three connections: threaded, clip-on, and welded
    • Made from FDA compliant materials for use in Clean-InPlace (CIP) applications

Spray Characteristics

    • Self-cleaning bearings
    • Vigorous moving spray action
    • Spray Angles: 360°, 90° Down, 180° Up, 180° Down, 270° Up, 270° Down (not available in all flow rates)
    • Flow rates: 4.39 – 338 L/min j All HydroWhirl S nozzles are available with ATEX approval for Zone 0
HWS Flow rates