Spray Nozzle


HydroPulse Air Actuated Nozzles

HydroPulse air actuated spray nozzles

The HydroPulse is a pneumatically actuated flat fan spray nozzle. The HP can be fitted with a wide variety of different spray tips, with a variety of spray angles and flow rates. The addition of a spring loaded shut off system allows this nozzle to be cycled on and off rapidly making it suitable for precision spraying applications including:

  • Coating
  • Lubricating
  • Moistening
  • And more.

Design Feature

    • Interchangeable flat fan, full cone or hollow cone
    • Pneumatically actuated for crisp on/off spray
    • Straight through porting for fluid recirculation
    • Hygienic connections and mounting brackets are available options

Spray Characteristics

    • Relatively coarse atomisation
    • Uniform distribution with tapered edges for use in overlapping sprays
    • Spray patterns: Flat Fan, full cone or hollow cone
    • Spray angles: 0° to 110°
    • Flow rates: 0.018 to 101 l/min