Spray Nozzle


Spiral Air Air Atomising Nozzles

Spiral Air Air Atomising Nozzle

The SpiralAir is a high flow rate, air atomising nozzle. It has a three stage atomisation process that will deliver fine droplets in a dense fog. A variety of different spray pattern types are available as well as a large number of mounting and positioning lances to insert the nozzle into gas flows. Gas cooling is the primary application this type of nozzle is used in but it can be used in any tough, hot, environment where an atomised spray needs to be delivered.

Design Features

    • A two-fluid nozzle using any gas as the atomizing fluid
    • Three-stage atomization for highest performance
    • Designed for high reliability in extremely hostile environments
    • Efficient design reduces compressed air consumption

Spray Characteristics

    • Spray patterns: Full Cone and Flat Fan
    • Spray angles: 20° to 90°
    • (Other angles available by special order)
    • Flow rates: 2.0 to 80 l/min