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ST Abrasion resistant spiral spray nozzle

ST Abrasion resistant spiral spray nozzle

The ST nozzle is a special spiral full cone nozzle that is designed to be abrasion resistant. It produces an approximate full cone pattern with good atomisation and is available in a large range of flow rates and spray angles. ST nozzles are used primarily in gas scrubbing and pollution control applications but would be a suitable choice in any application where abrasion is a concern.

Design Features

    • Cobalt Alloy 6 or RBSC ceramic parts in high-wear areas
    • High energy efficiency
    • No internal parts
    • Clog-resistant
    • Male and female connections
    • Flanged and special connections available as required

Spray Characteristics

    • Fine atomisation
    • Spray pattern: Full Cone (Hollow Cone available by special order)
    • Spray angles: 90° and 120° standard
    • Flow rates: 2.26 to 10700 l/min (Higher flow rates available)
ST Abrasion Resistant Spiral Nozzle