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Full cone spiral nozzles

TF Spiral Nozzle

The TF nozzle is the original Spiral Nozzle designed by Bete Fog Nozzle. Its spiral shape sheers the liquid into multiple cones with the intercone sections filled with finer droplets to create a full cone pattern. The spiral design gives excellent clog resistance and also tends to atomise the fluid better than conventional nozzles resulting in a finer drop size. Full cone TF nozzles are used in a wide variety of applications including: Gas scrubbing Gas cooling Evaporative cooling Evaporation ponds Moistening And many more.

Design Features

    • The original spiral nozzle invented by BETE and continuously improved!
    • High energy efficiency
    • One-piece/no internal parts
    • Clog-resistant performance
    • High discharge velocity
    • Male connection standard; female connection available by special order

Spray Characteristics

    • Wide range of flow rates and spray angles
    • Fine atomisation
    • Spray patterns: Full cone
    • For hollow cone, see TF - Hollow Cone
    • Spray angles: 60° to 170°
    • Flow rates: 2.26 to 10700 l/min (Higher flow rates available)