Spray Nozzle


Largest free passage spiral nozzle

TFXP Spiral Nozzle

The TFXP is a variant on our standard TF spiral nozzle that is designed with an extra large
free passage. This enhances the clog resistance of the already clog resistant spiral design. It will pass particles equal in size to the orfice size listed in in the data sheet below. TFXP Nozzle are used in a wide range of applications whenever slurries or liquids containing
larger particles need to be sprayed.

Design Features

    • The original spiral nozzle invented by BETE and continuously improved
    • Passes particles equal to orifice size
    • Clog-resistant
    • One-piece, extra-heavy construction
    • High energy efficiency
    • Male connection

Spray Characteristics

    • Wide range of flow rates
    • Fine atomisation
    • Spray pattern: Full Cone  (Hollow Cone available by special order)
    • Spray angles: 90° and 120°Flow rates: 9.67 to 10700 l/min