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Uni Coupler

Cam operated pipe couplers

Cam operated pipe couplers

The quick change coupler system from Unispray is a handy system that allows plastic pipework to be attached and detached easily. The coupler part will be threaded permanently to the pipe, the threads will not normally ever be undone, but the cam-lock coupler is easily attached and detached. This saves time, money, and effort when maintaining pipework systems.

Design Features

    • Cam-Operated couplers.
    • Available for pipe sizes from 1” nominal bore to 4” nominal bore
    • Camlock hose barb or end plug adaptors also available.
    • Available in Ny-Glass, Poly-Glass or PVDF


    • Allows for easy attaching and detaching of pipe work and risers
    • Chemically inert materials suitable for harsh caustics
    • Colour coded for easy identification