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Uni Saddle

Unispray Pipe Saddle Adaptor

Unispray Pipe Saddle Adaptor

High-quality injection-molded pipe fitting which can be installed on an existing pipe in minutes. These saddle adapters allow for smaller pipes to be attached to larger main feed pipes without welding. The Uni-Spray Saddle adapters are widely used in pre-treatment spray tunnels but can be used in a wide variety of other applications.

Design Features

    • Resistant to a wide range of caustic and acid-based chemicals
    • Operating temperature range is approximately 0˚to 130˚C
    • Will operate effectively at pressures up to 10.3 bar
    • Compression seal o-ring ensures sealing
    • Take off pipes from 1/2” to 2” NB j Feed pipes from 1” to 6”


    • Eliminates the higher cost of back welding female couplers to thermoplastic pipe
    • Simplifies on-site installation and repairs