Spray Nozzle

XA 1/2"

High Flow Air Atomiser Nozzle

XA Half Inch

The 1/2 XA air atomising nozzle is a larger version of our standard XA air atomising nozzles. This series of nozzles gives larger flow rates and has 1/2” female threaded inlets to accommodate these higher flows. They are suitable for all the same applications as standard air atomisers that require larger liquid flows. It should be noted that the higher flow rates come at the expense of droplet size which, although still small when compared to hydraulic nozzles, is larger than with standard air atomisers.

Design Features

    • Modular design consisting of: air cap, fluid cap, body, and retaining nut.
    • Universal body and nut can be used with any air/fluid cap combination
    • 1/2” female fluid and air inlet for higher flow rates

Spray Characteristics

    • Finely atomised spray
    • Flat fan, hollow cone, or full cone depending on model
    • Flow rates: 15 - 1158 l/hr