Spray Nozzle


Flat Fan External Mix Air Atomising Nozzle

XAEF Flat Fan External Mix Air Atomising Nozzle

The XAEF air atomising nozzle produces finely atomised sprays in a flat fan pattern. The external mix design means that it can handle viscous fluids and also means control of the flow rates is simpler than with internal mix variants. These features mean the XAEF is most commonly used for:

  • Precision Coating
  • Drum Coating
  • Spraying viscous fluids
  • Lubrication
  • Moistening
  • And more.

Design Features

    • Requires pressurised air and fluid to operate
    • External mix allows for the spraying of viscous fluids
    • Modular design allows swapping between nozzle type by changing air and fluid caps
    • Different body options with variable inlet orientations
    • Adaptor for mounting the nozzles through walls
    • Optional air shut off system
    • Optional clean out pins

Spray Characteristics

    • Moderate spray angle (60°- 90°)
    • Precise metering of the liquid flow rate
    • Flow rates between 3 and 280 litres per hour
    • Moderate spray projection
    • Variable atomisation

Air atomising flat fan external mix nozzleXAEF flat fan external mix air atomising nozzle