Spray Nozzle


Siphon Fed Full Cone Air Atomising Nozzle

XAXW Internal Miz Extra Wide Angle Air Atomising Nozzle

The XAXW is a special internal mix air atomising nozzle designed to give a very wide, 180° spray dispersal. It gives fine levels of atomisation and is an ideal nozzle for any application where a wide dispersal of fogs is required. Applications include:

  • Humidification
  • Disinfecting
  • Sanitising
  • And more

Design Features

    • Requires pressurised air and fluid to operate
    • Internal mix gives maximum atomisation
    • Different body options with variable inlet orientations
    • Adaptor for mounting the nozzles through walls

Spray Characteristics

    • Hollow cone spray pattern
    • Flow rates between 4.2 and 48 litres per hour
    • Small spray projection j 180º wide distribution pattern
    • Very fine atomisation
XAXW  Flow rate data wide angle ait atomising nozzle