Nozzles for gas scrubbing in the chemical processing industry

Gas scrubbing refers to the process of using a spray to remove contaminants or pollutants from a gas flow.  It is distinguished from gas conditioning as it may not be part of the chemical processing itself.  Rather, it is a treatment of exhaust or waste gases.  In many cases, such as flue gas desulpherisation in power plants, the gas scrubbing application is performed on a very large scale involving many thousands of nozzles spread over a processing/cooling tower.


Wet scrubber


Droplet size - The smaller the average droplet size then the larger the surface area of any given amount of fluid so the higher the chemical reactivity or absorption.  Smaller average droplet size sprays will react more quickly with the gas. A potential downside of small droplets is that they are swept along with a gas flow more rapidly and thus will have less time to react with the fluid.


Reach -  Care needs to be taken to ensure that the spray will reach all parts of the gas.  If the gas is moving quickly there can be a danger that very fine sprays will be swept away in the gas and not reach all parts, thus not conditioning the whole flow.  This can mean that a balance between high surface area fine sprays and coarser sprays with higher momentums needs to be found.  Spiral nozzles like the TF range are often ideal as they give a relatively fine spray but with some larger droplets mixed in, giving momentum.


Amount of spray -  If too much scrubbing fluid is sprayed into the exhaust gas this itself might become a pollutant.  Mist eliminators are generally deployed to remove any very fine droplets that get swept away but eliminators will only cope with a certain volume of fluid, after which any excess will escape to atmosphere.

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Suitable nozzles

For most gas scrubbing applications we would recommend our spiral nozzles from the TF range or related variants.  These nozzles combine a relatively fine droplet size but contain some heavier droplets as well as giving the spray the necessary momentum to cope with larger gas scrubbing applications.  Spirals come in a large variety of spray angles and sizes so normally a suitable match can be found for most scrubbing applications.


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