Nozzles for the spray drying of chemicals

Spray drying to form powdered product form a slurry is a common spray application within the chemical industry.  The process involves spraying a fine mist of the slurry at high pressures into a hot air stream which then evaporates moisture leaving the dried powder to fall and gather.

Spray drying is a high nozzle-wear process regardless of the product being sprayed and the often harsh environments in chemical production can present additional challenges.  SNP offer a specialist range of spray drying nozzles in corrosion and abrasion-resistant materials that can meet these challenges.

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Axial whirl, hollow cone, spray drying nozzle Twist and Dry  TDK high pressure specialist spray drying nozze 

Further details on nozzle selection for spray drying can be found in the spray drying application page.

Chemical Processing Key Spray Applications

Chemical Processing Key Spray Challenges: