Nozzles for the injection of fluids in the chemical processing industry

Injection refers to the use of nozzles to add a fluid to either another fluid flow or a gas.  Nozzle considerations will be similar to those for gas conditioning namely :


Droplet size - The smaller the average droplet size then the larger the surface area of any given amount of fluid so the higher the heat flux or chemical reactivity.  Smaller average droplet size sprays will cool and react more quickly with the gas/fluid.

Reach - Care needs to be taken to ensure that the spray will reach all parts of the gas/fluid.  If the gas/fluid is moving quickly there can be a danger that very fine sprays will be swept away in the gas and not reach all parts, thus not conditioning the whole flow.  This can mean that a balance between high surface area fine sprays and coarser sprays with higher momentums needs to be found.

Further details on injection applications can be found by visiting the injection application page.

Chemical Processing Key Spray Applications

Chemical Processing Key Spray Challenges: