Air actuated flat fan nozzles

The HydroPulse range of nozzles consists of a BJ series flat fan nozzle spray tip with an air actuated shut off system.  This allows for the nozzle to be cycled on and off up to 3 times per second.  The HydroPulse is designed with reliability in mind - the HydroPulse 01 is life-cycle rated to 380 million cycles meaning that even if pulsed at the maximum 3 per second it will last for 4 years continuous usage  This is nearly 10 times the life cycle ratings of our major competitors.

Spray bar set up

Spray bar of air actuated fan nozzles

Typically the HydroPulse will be deployed in a spray bar set up as above.

Mounting options

Angle mounting kit v block mounting   Clamp Direct V block
The HydroPulse can be attached to the spray bar with a variety of different mounting types

Further details

Please click on the box below to access the HydroPulse data sheet.



The video below shows the components of the HydroPulse assembly and how they fit together.

Flat Fan Nozzle Designs:

Flat Fan Nozzle selection table


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