Spray Nozzle

PJ Misting Nozzle

PJ Misting Nozzle

PJ Misting Nozzle

The PJ misting nozzle works by impacting the fluid on a special impingement pin. This shatters the fluid into very fine droplets. The PJ nozzle is a very efficient atomiser and produces the smallest drop sizes of any direct pressure nozzle. The PJ is used in many applications including:

  • Dust Suppression
  • Moistening
  • Evaporative
  • Cooling Odour
  • Control Coating
  • Air Conditioning
  • And More.

Design Features

    • High energy efficiency
    • One-piece, compact construction
    • No whirl vanes or internal parts
    • 1/4” male connection
    • Standard: 100-mesh 316ss screen
    • Optional: 200 mesh 316ss screen
    • Optional: 20 micron paper

Spray Characteristics

    • Finest fog of any direct pressure nozzle
    • Spray pattern: Cone-shaped Fog
    • Spray angles: 90°. For best 90° pattern, operate nozzle at or above 4 bar
    • Flow rates: 0.043 to 5.34 l/min