Hydraulic flat fan nozzles for coating

Simple hydraulic flat fan nozzles are used for a variety of coating applications. They have the disadvantage of being fairly slow to respond with a small build up and wind down period between each on/ off cycle.  This is because it takes a small amount of time for fluid to move into the nozzle and form a spray pattern so there will be a short period of impoverished spraying each time the nozzle is activated or deactivated.  This effect can be mitigated to some extent by having valves close to each nozzle.  But for many spray coating applications these small periods of poor spraying are largely irrelevant so basic fan nozzles represent a cheap an effective choice. 

Low profile flat fan nozzle Flat fan nozzle box (NF) Low flow rate flat fan nozzle

Coating engineering considerations

Coating nozzles


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