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Spiral Nozzles

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Large free passage spiral nozzle  Large free passage and wide angle spiral nozzle Ultra wide angle spiral nozzle Abrasion resistent spiral nozzle Fire fighting spiral nozzle Multi nozzle array LEM Abrasion resistent, large free passage, spiral nozzle

Axial Whirl

             Axial whirl, hollow cone, spray drying nozzle Twist and Dry  TDK high pressure specialist spray drying nozze

Tangential Whirl


Flat Fan Nozzles

Shaped orifice design

Flat fan nozzle box (NF) Low profile flat fan nozzle Self aligning flat fan nozzle Low flow rate flat fan nozzle                                                

 Deflection design

Deflector flat fan nozzle High Impact Deflector Flat Fan Nozzle (SPN)

Misting nozzles

Impingement design

PJ series Low profile misting nozzle P series misting nozzle                                                                                                                           

Small Orifice design

Microwhirl misting nozzle MHW multi headed misting nozzle Ultimist axial whirl misting nozzle                                                                                          

Air Atomising Nozzles

Spiral air, 3 stage air atomising high flow rate nozzle SAM Air Atomising Nozzle xa air atomising nozzles                                                                                           

XA Series by sub type

Flat Fan, Air atomising, Internal mix nozzle (XApf) XApr air atomising, full cone internal mix XAer air atomising , full cone, external mix, narrow spray angle nozzle  XAsr air atomising, full cone, internal mix narrow spray angle nozzle XAer full cone external mix air atomising nozzle Air atomising Hollow Cone Nozzle Air atomising Hollow Cone Nozzle Extra Wide Angle                                                                          

Tank Washing Nozzles

 Multi nozzle array LEM omnidirectional spiral nozzle HydroWhirl Orbitor - high pressure tank washing nozzle Hydro Whirl Tank Cleaning Nozzle hydrowhirl orbitor high pressure tank washing nozzle Spray ball nozzles                                                                                                                

Solid Stream Nozzles

Enhanced Laminar Flow

 double trim nozzle

High Pressure Shower


Complete Catalogue
         Complete catalogue        

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