Air blow-off nozzles for use in bakeries

Air blow-off systems use high-speed air currents to remove unwanted debris from a product line.  This debris can be fluid or solid matter.  Normally speaking the removal of solids is limited to fairly dry, non- sticky residues and, similarly, liquids removal is normally not possible with air systems if it is very viscous and sticky.  Nevertheless, air blow-off systems are an efficient and easy way to remove unwanted particles from a huge variety of manufacturing processes. 

Compressed air vs blower 

There are two basic methods of achieving the necessary air currents for air blow off. Either a fan or blower device can be installed or a compressed air system can be used.  ANP's products air all powered by compressed air.  The various nozzle types used in these systems are designed to enhance and optimise the compressed air used. 

Nozzle types used 

Four basic nozzle types are used in air blow-off systems. Simple air nozzles are used for spot blow off systems where a precise jet of air is required to target a specific point.  To broaden the target area but with a corresponding reduction in impact, an air jet system might be deployed instead of an air nozzle.  If a large area or production line needs treating then air knives, which produce a line of high-velocity air, are used.  Finally, for very high impact systems an air edger may be deployed.   More details on correct product selection can be found in the engineering considerations section of this page.

Air nozzles

Air nozzle  AirMag

Air jets


Air knives

Silent X-stream air knives  Air knives

Air edgers

air edger 

Bakeries key applications

Bakeries engineering considerations


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