Chemical mixing and agitation

The continually re-used cleaning and degreasing chemicals in pre-treatment tunnels are often prone to sedimentation.  This can cause nozzle and pipe blockages if left unchecked so continual agitation of the fluids in the tanks is required.  This can be achieved efficiently by eductor systems like SNP's TurboMix range.

TurboMix eductors

The TurboMix eductor is the most energy efficient way to keep tanks of liquid chemicals in continual motion.  The system works by circulating the chemical in the tank through the eductor nozzle which then sucks in the surrounding fluid as the pumped fluid is ejected.  This means that five times the pumped volume of liquid is moved making the TurboMix the most energy efficient way to keep the whole tank gently moving.

Turbomix eductor mixing nozzle


Surface finishing key applications

Spray challenges for surface finishing


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