Air nozzles

In principle any of our hyrdaulic nozzles can be used to deliver air or steam. But, because of the very different properties of air and fluids, other specially designed air nozzles are perferable in many applications. 

basic air nozzle operating diagram

Air nozzle silent x operating diagram

A- Compressed air enters the nozzle
B- Surrounding air is entrained
C- Resulting air flow is greatly amplified

Air nozzle

Standard air nozzles

These cone shaped nozzles are used to direct the compressed air flow into a jet.  The motion of the air causes the surrounding air to be entrained thus increasing the overall amount of air moved.  This air movement amplification is relatively small when compared to other more advanced designs of air nozzles.  This means that the overall force produced by these nozzles is quite low which makes them suitable for cooling applications

AirMag nozzlesAirMag

The the addition of fins on the outside of the nozzles dramatically improves the entrainment of the surrounding air.  This serves to increase the force produced by these nozzles so that for any given compressed air flow through the nozzle more impact is delievered.   An additional benefit is a signifcant reduction in noise from the nozzle

The Nex Flow™  AirNozzle traditionally comes in a cone shape and they are quite efficient in converting air pressure to air flow.  In fact, as flow amplifiers, they are actually better for 'cooling' as they have less force/Nm3hr but more flow//Nm3hr than more engineered nozzles like the Nex Flow™ Air Mag™ series.  The Air Mag™ series of nozzles utilize some patented features to create the highest force/CFM of any air nozzle we know of.   Most air nozzles are used for blow off, not cooling (Air Amplifiers are much better for cooling) so the force/air consumption ratio is very important.

Air mag operating principles diagramA- Compressed air enters the nozzle
B- Surrounding air is entrained
C- Resulting air flow is greatly amplified

The Nex Flow™  AirNozzle is designed to fit into small spaces.  We have an adjustable nozzle for some applications and then a few different nozzles with varying force, depending on the application.  All Nex Flow AirNozzles meet OSHA standard CFR 1910.242(b) for dead end pressure.  Noise levels are dramatically lower with air nozzles in addition to lower energy use.

Air Nozzle Types


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