Hollow cone spray pattern nozzlesHollow Cone Spray Pattern Nozzles

The hollow cone pattern is characterised by the heavy concentration of droplets around the edge of the spray cone.  Little or no fluid is deposited in the middle of the cone.  The key benefits of hollow cone nozzles are that they produce the smallest drop size which gives the spray a greater surface area allowing for a quicker heat transfer, ideal for applications such as pasteurisation where the target needs to be heated up or cooled down rapidly.

This spray pattern is a medium to low impact pattern being harder driving than the misting or full cone patterns but with less impact than flat fan or solid stream patterns.

There are 4 designs of nozzle that can produce hollow cone patterns. Each of these design types is discussed in its own sub page which can be accessed by using the blue navigation menu to the right hand side of this page.  Within these sub pages the features and benefits of each product family of that design type are highlighted.  For ease of comparison the features of all our hollow cone nozzles are summarised in the hollow cone nozzle cheat sheet which can be accessed by the orange button also to the right hand side of this page. 

Hollow cone nozzles

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Tangential whirl hollow cone nozzles

Double tangential whirl hollow cone nozzle

Axial whirl design hollow cone nozzles

Spiral design hollow cone nozzles
TF hollow cone spiral nozzle 

Air atomising hollow cone nozzles 
Air atomising Hollow Cone Nozzle


Hollow cone nozzle videos

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Hollow Cone Nozzle Designs

Hollow Cone Nozzle Selection table


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