Tangential-whirl hollow cone nozzles

With this design of nozzle the fluid is initially in motion perpendicular to the final spray direction.  The fluid travels down the pipe and is twisted through 90 degrees in a whirl motion causing it to break up into droplets before exiting the spray orifice.  The exit orifice is offset from the centre line to assist with the creation of whirlpool like motion.  The natural centrifugal forces of the rotating fluid tend to concentrate it at the edges forming a hollow cone pattern.

A tangential nozzle may also be selected over an axial whirl nozzle due to space considerations.   For example, if a lance is being put into a gas stream the spray would need to be tangential to the initial fluid flows.  Alternatively if head space above the spraying area is limited a tangential whirl nozzle allows the feed pipe to run horizontally rather than dropping down vertically.

BETE produce a number of different tangential whirl hollow cone nozzles with different features. Full product information can be found by clicking on the relevant box below.


To compare the features of all hollow cone nozzles please access the hollow cone nozzle cheat sheet by clicking on the orange button to the right hand side of this page.

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Hollow Cone Nozzle Designs

Hollow Cone Nozzle Selection table


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