Dust suppression

Small orifice misting nozzles for dust suppression

By forcing fluid through a very small orifice at high pressure sufficient turbulence is created to atomise the spray into a fine fog.   At lower pressures such nozzles will form a mist (a mist simply has larger droplets than a fog).

The limiting factor for this method of producing a mist is blocking of the orifice.  As the production of the mist is entirely due to the small orifice it has a very small free passage and any small contaminants in the fluid may cause a blockage.  Effective filtration is required if there is any chance of contamination by particles.

Small orifice misting nozzle for cooling systems

For dust suppression applications small orifice misting nozzles are suitable for symptomatic dust control as they produce sprays with a large number of droplets of a similar size to many common dust particles.  The sprays from these nozzles have almost no impact and momentum.   As such, they would be unsuitable for dust suppression in windy environments.

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Dust Suppression Engineering Considerations:

Dust Suppression Nozzles


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