Spiral nozzles for dust supression

Spiral nozzles work by impacting the fluid onto a a protruding spiral shape causing it to shear and break apart into droplets.

Spiral Design Full Cone Nozzle Diagram

A relatively small average droplet size can be achieved with the TF range of spiral nozzles.  But within the mix of droplet sizes there exist some larger droplets.  These tend to concentrate in concentric rings of higher spray density.  This means that spiral full cone nozzles do not produce a very even spray but the presence of rings of heavier droplets serves to carry the smaller droplets along, meaning that spirals can still deliver fairly fine sprays to areas unreachable by other nozzles.  In dust suppression applications this means they are suitable for more windy environments.  If wetting is a problem then the low flow rate spiral variants (the L series) may be required.

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Low flow rate spiral nozzle

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Dust Suppression Engineering Considerations:

Dust Suppression Nozzles


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