Food processing industry nozzle selection table

The table below summarises much of the information in the chemical processing industry section of the SNP website.  It is intended to be a handy reference guide to aid nozzle selection.  Full data on each of the nozzles listed can be accessed by clicking on the boxes in the left hand column of the table below.




Nozzle Type












Application Type












Axial whirl, hollow cone, spray drying nozzle Twist and Dry






Instant coffee production






Spray drying






Standard spray drying systems











Powdered Milk






Spray drying






Low flow rate spray drying nozzles






TDK high pressure specialist spray drying nozze






Soup Mixes






Spray Drying






High pressure spray drying nozzles






HydroWhirl Orbitor - high pressure tank washing nozzle






Cleaning beer kegs






Tank cleaning






PTFE hygienic medium impact tank washer






hydrowhirl orbitor high pressure tank washing nozzle






Cleaning wine vats






Tank cleaning






High impact tank washer






Spray ball nozzles






Rinsing small tanks






Tank Cleaning






Static spray balls tank washer






Flat fan nozzle box (NF)






Washing moulds












Flat fan medium impact cleaning nozzles






XAer air atomising , full cone, external mix, narrow spray angle nozzle






Egg glazing












Air atomising nozzles for viscous fluids






Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles






Dust suppression






Dust suppression






Food Processing Key Spray Applications

Food Processing Key Spray Challenges