Dust Suppression 

Engineering consideration 5 - Wide angle spraying (coverage)

Often dust is produced over a large area and so any dust suppressing spray needs to be distributed at wide angle.  A number of Bete’s nozzles come with wide or very wide spray angle variants which overcome this problem.  For example the TF range spiral design nozzles can have up to 170 degree full cone spray angle for maximum coverage.  

An alternative strategy to achieve the necessary spray coverage is to project the spray using fans or air atomising nozzles.  Air atomising nozzles such as the XA series use compressed air to break up the fluid into very fine droplets and to project this fine spray from the nozzle.  This allows a very fine spray to be delivered over a wide area.

Nozzle details

Details on the product ranges mentioned above can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.  Further details on how the various nozzle designs features relate to dust suppression applications can be found by clicking on the grey "Dust Suppression Nozzle Designs" menu to the right hand side of this page.

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles xa air atomising nozzles

Dust Suppression Engineering Considerations:

Dust Suppression Nozzles