Spray coverage in odour control applications

Often large areas need to be treated so nozzles with a reasonable reach are required.  The ideal odour control spray will consist of very fine droplets.  Unfortunately for direct pressure nozzles fine droplets come at the expense of impact and hence reach.  This is because most of the potential energy of the fluid is used to break it up into small droplets leaving little energy to project the spray from the nozzle.

Air atomising nozzles for odour control

Air atomising nozzles can also help overcome this problem.  As the energy used to break up the fluid comes from a secondary source - the compressed air - more energy is left to project the spray.  As such, finely atomised sprays can be achieved at very low flow rates that still have a reach of 7 or 8 metres.  This might mean that fewer nozzles, and consequently less pipe work, are needed to provide the desired coverage.

Diagram showing different odour control nozzles configurations 



Odour Control Engineering Considerations

Odour Control Nozzle Designs: