Spray drying nozzles

Engineering consideration 3 - Control of spray properties

Each different fluid that is to be dried will have an optimum balance of droplet size, flow rate and spray angle for efficient spray drying.  Not only is it important to get the balance right from an energy efficiency perspective, it is also important not to add too much heat to the system as it can, quite literally in the case of food products, overcook the spray.

The optimum setup can vary even between different batches of the same fluid.  The precise best setup only comes with intimate experience of the process and product.  In order to give the flexibility required the TD Range of nozzles come in a range of bodies, swirl chambers and orifices.  The design is modular and so these can be configured to change the flow characteristics.  There are thousands of different combinations giving a high level of control over the spray drying process.

To make selection easier, SNP has access to a software application that allows for the easy selection of spray drying nozzle parts.  This software is available free to all of our spray dry customers.

Spray Drying Engineering Considerations

Spray Drying Nozzle Designs


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