Spray nozzles

High powered cleaning

The cleaning of storm over fill tanks requires a high powered jet. The only systems that are suitable for such applications are our rotary tank cleaner range – the HydroWhirl Orbitor. Even so these machines have under gone some modifications from the standard design to fit better with the needs of our water utilities customers.

How it works

The HydroWhirl Orbitor works by spraying 2,4 or 8 high powered solid stream jets which will then rotate in two dimension, gradually building up a complete cleaning pattern. Each jet will deliver impingement cleaning to the surface being cleaned. The principle behind impingement cleaning is to use the kinetic energy of a focused water jet to create a impact force that will rip residue away from the target surface. As the water jet hits the target it radiates outward creating a 360 sheering force perpendicular to the surface over. This, in effect, mimics a manual scrubbing or scraping action. 

Engineering considerations

Storm tank cleaning systems