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Robustly designed storm tank cleaners

Any system for cleaning storm tanks must be able to cope with a certain degree of punishment.  The cleaning heads may become submerged and have residue left on them so a self-cleaning system is a must.  The environment is unlikely to be warmed and so the tank cleaner must be able to cope with variations in temperature in line with the weather.

Furthermore, given the tough operating environment, sometimes repairs will need to be made.  As storm tanks are generally in out-of-the-way places and are cramped an easy to maintain system is essential. The whole point of automated storm drain cleaning is to reduce labour time so having a very complicated tank washing system would be counter-productive. 

The HydroWhirl Oribtor meets the above demands in the following ways

- Tough rugged construction means it is not easy to damage

- Self cleaning design to ensure deposits don't built up on the machine itself

- Fully capable of working after being submerged

- Simple easy to maintain design (see the video below)

Storm Blaster heavy duty tank cleaner

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HydroWhirl Orbitor maintenance video

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