Solid stream nozzles - Enhanced laminar flow

All solid stream patterns become turbulent at some stage after exit from the spray orifice.  When turbulence sets in the liquid molecules start moving in more random directions and thus the overall momentum of the stream rapidly lessens. 

For applications where high levels of impact are required it is thus desirable to maintain a laminar flow for as long as possible.  The TRIM range of BETE nozzles is designed to do exactly this by :

- The shape and length of the nozzle mean that the liquid flow prior to ejection is more stable, thus helping stave off turbulence. 

- The orifice of these nozzles is made incredibly smooth so that small imperfections will not start turbulence. 

- The nozzles are designed to tolerate extremely high pressures

 double trim nozzle

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Solid Stream Nozzle Designs

Solid stream nozzle selection table


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