Deflector flat fan nozzles for cleaning

The deflector type nozzle produces the flat fan pattern by deflecting the fluid stream against a curved surface after exit from the nozzle orifice.  The impact of the fluid on the deflection surface causes the desired atomisation and the geometry of the surface shapes the resulting spray into a flat fan pattern. Because the pattern is formed by the curved impact surface rather than the shape of the orifice, it means that the orifice can remain circular.  A circular orifice is less prone to wear and clogging.

flat fan deflection nozz;e


SNP offers a standard series of FF deflector nozzles.  These can produce very wide spray angles of up to 145 degrees.  It should be remembered that the wider spray angle nozzles in the range will sacrifice impact and so may not be suitable for heavier cleaning applications.  Alternatively, the SPN deflector series sacrifices some spray angles for higher impact by having a spoon shaped deflector to concentrate the fluid flow.

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High Impact Deflector Flat Fan Nozzle (SPN) Deflector flat fan nozzle

Elliptical orifice flat fan nozzles for cleaning

With this design of nozzle the spray pattern is formed by the exit of the fluid through a shaped orifice.  This spray will be a high impact flat fan.  These nozzles have a lower profile than their deflector design cousins and so may be more appropriate where space is confined.  Where space is really cramped SNP offer a range of stubby flat fan nozzles (NFS) which are still available in a variety of spray angles and flow rates.

Elliptical orifice flat fan nozzles

Low profile flat fan nozzles

As there is no need for swirl chambers or other spray pattern creating elements, a solid jet nozzle can be made extremely flat.  The LP (low profile) nozzle range gives a variety flat fan spray patterns but can also be made to give solid stream patterns.  Typically these nozzles will be used in high wash showers to allow the nozzles to be closer to the target, thus increasing cleaning power.

There are number of variants on this design including ruby or ceramic orifice inserts for very hard wearing nozzles.

Further details

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 Low profile flat fan nozzle Flat fan nozzle box (NF) Self aligning flat fan nozzle Low profile flat fan nozzle 


Solid stream nozzles for cleaning

This design of nozzles is relatively simple.  It  consists of a shaped orifice to focus the fluid into a narrow jet.  These nozzles produce the highest impact of any nozzle for any given flow rate or pressure.  This is because the potential energy of the fluid is concentrated into a very small area.

Momentum loss

All sprays begin to lose momentum after they leave the orifice.  As they lose momentum the spray pattern will begin to break up.  This is particularly problematic for solid stream nozzles as momentum, and hence impact loss, can be very rapid once the solid stream pattern starts to dissipate. There are two solutions to this problem.

The first is to simply keep the target very close to the nozzle.  To aid with this solid stream nozzles come in low profile variants meaning the nozzle can be brought within a cm or so of the target if necessary.  Our range of "Shower" nozzles are very low profile nozzles designed for use in high pressure wash showers. 

The second solution is to ensure that the exit orifice is as smooth and unworn as possible.  Tiny imperfections can rapidly lead to the turbulent flows that break up the solid stream pattern.  Hardwearing materials like ruby and ceramics will not only resist wear much longer but they can also give an incredibly smooth orifice.  In the case of rubies the orifice is laser bored for a supremely smooth finish.



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