Improving mechanical action

Improving the mechanical action element of the cleaning mix is largely a question of nozzle and pump selection.  Jet nozzles will produce the most impact for any given fluid flow rate, mechanical action can also be increased by increasing the pressure at which the jetting nozzles are sprayed.  This is partly because of the increased fluid flow but also due to the increased velocity of the fluid.  The disadvantage of jetting nozzles is that individually they only cover a small area.  As such they tend to be used on manually operated systems that can be moved around to clean a whole area.

Our jet nozzle and washdown guns are excellent products at increasing the mechanical action component of the clean particularly when used at high pressures.

med vol  Compact washdown gun  high boosted  high vol

Medium cleaning spray bar conveyorFan nozzles can also generate reasonable impacts but at higher pressures they will tend to atomise the fluid and so impact is lost.  The advantage of fan nozzles is that they produce a line of spray rather than a point and so can generate better coverage.  On conveyor systems high impact fan nozzles are often an excellent way of improving the mechanical action component of the clean.

NF  High Impact Deflector Flat Fan Nozzle (SPN)

Cleaning Engineering Considerations

Cleaning Nozzle Designs