Achieving coverage

Getting cleaning liquids to completely cover the desired surface is of vital importance particularly if disinfection or sterilisation is required.  Any areas that are missed will simply not be treated effectively.

Manually directed systems

One simple solution to ensure coverage is to have manually operated washdown systems which can be directed where needed.  This relies on the operator being well trained in the washdown protocol but with properly trained staff manually directed washdown guns, whilst labour intensive, are an effective way to ensure complete coverage.

Conveyormate foamConveyor systems

These complete conveyor cleaning systems can be deployed in a cleandown operation to provide effective sanitising sprays to the top and/or underside of a conveyor.  They are fully adjustable in height and width and can be used with a wide variety of cleaning fluids which can be premixed or venturi mixed from concentrate by the system.

ConveyormateIn additon to sanitsing spray we also supply a conveyor foaming system that works in a simialr way.

 Conveyor foamer conveyor spraying

Nozzles for fixed conveyor systems

For conveyor based systems flat fan nozzles can be deployed.  These nozzles will produce a line of spray and so with the relative motion of the conveyor complete coverage can be achieved.  Fan nozzles can be placed on spray bars and overlapped to produce a consistent cleaning spray across the conveyor system.  Narrow-angle fan nozzles will produce a spray with a higher impact but, of course, more nozzles will be required to achieve complete coverage across the conveyor. 

Heavy residue cleaning conveyor
NF High Impact Deflector Flat Fan Nozzle (SPN)  

Fogging systems

Sanitising room sprayAtomising or fogging systems are a common method for improving coverage, especially when the environment consists of complex shapes.  Fogged disinfectants will move on air currents and remain airborne until they hit a surface.  This allows them to penetrate and reach areas that might be missed by conventional sprays.  The very small droplet sizes also ensures a more even coverage of the surfaces they reach.

It should be remembered that any fogging systems will have almost no ability to remove residues.  There is almost no impact from fogs and so any residues that do remain may protect pathogens from coming into contact with the fogged liquid.  It is therefore vital to ensure the surfaces being treated are cleaned prior to fogging.

stationary foggers mobile foggers lafferty LVF85

Cleaning Engineering Considerations

Cleaning Nozzle Designs