Spray Nozzles for Cleaning

Engineering Consideration 3 - Coverage

For high impact cleaning solid stream or flat fan nozzles will be the most appropriate.  The problem is that solid streams only clean a small dot and flat fans a line.  Normally cleaning is required over an area so some kind of relative motion is required so that the dot or the line can hit all areas.  The necessary motion can either be achieved by moving the nozzle or by moving what needs to be cleaned, for example moving on a conveyor.

2 stage spray cleaning process

The diagram above shows a simple two stage cleaning process.  The first spray bar provides a high impact spray to dislodge dirt and the second stage completes the process with a rinse.  For sterilisation, disinfecting or santising levels of cleanliness other spray bars may deliver chemical disinfectants with perhaps a 4th rinsing station to remove any disinfectant residue.

For the impact cleaning spray bars flat fan nozzles would be recommended.  For rinsing bars either low pressure flat fan nozzles or full cone nozzle would be appropriate.

Stationary Cleaning

If the product needs to remain stationary when being cleaned then the set up in the diagram below might be considered.

Full cone nozzle cleaning booth

High Impact Needle Jet Cleaning

For very high impact cleaning only solid stream nozzles will give the necessary impact.  Achieving complete coverage of an area can be solved by using oscillating spray bars.

OScilating Spary Bar high impact cleaning

Cleaning Engineering Considerations

Cleaning Nozzle Designs