Cleaning and washdown systems

The equipment in this section is used for the mixing and delivery of liquid cleaning chemicals and water in industrial facilities such as food processing premises where the removal of contaminants, such as greases, fats, proteins and other residues, is essential.  Cleaning is distinct from disinfecting or sanitising and must take place before any disinfecting operations.

We supply a large range of innovative products from US company Lafferty Equipment which has been specialising in manufacturing foamers, sprayers, foggers and dilution control systems for more than 35 years.  The products are designed for demanding applications in the food processing, bottling, car/truck washing, agricultural and industrial sectors. 

The range of cleaning and washdown systems includes mixing stations, mobile and fixed spraying equipment and conveyor cleaning solutions and includes compressed air assisted systems.  We also supply a range of hand and foot-operated hand sanitising equipment. 

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Wall-mounted sprayers and spray guns

The following units allow for mixing water and cleaning chemicals either at a wall mounted station or at a gun (compact sprayer).  These just need a water supply to work and operate at a wide variety of flow rates.

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  high vol high boosted med vol compact sprayers


Washdown mixing stations

Mixing stations deliver accurate and reliable mixes of chemical concentrates and mains water.  They require no power and no pumps, meaning they are easy to install and simple to use.

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push lever mixing stations Med vol mixing stations ball valve mixing


Air-powered mobile cleaning stations

These units are powered by compressed air and come in a range of sizes to suit cleaning of any small-medium sized areas. There are two options: the Pressure Pot System distributes pre-diluted liquids while the Air-pump System provides integrated mixing. 

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mobile air pump sprayers


Conveyor sanitiser

These units can be mounted on a portable trolley or on a wall and use venturi action to mix concentrate to deliver a spray to conveyors.  They have adjustable arms and nozzles to ensure coverage of variable width conveyors. 

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conveyor spraying


Manual sprayers

For areas which may be hard to reach with more conventional washdown systems, backpack and compression sprayers can be used to spray detergents and disinfectants.  They require no power and produce a low impact, wet spray.

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Backpack Sprayer



nozzle catalogue

Cleaning Engineering Considerations


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