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SNP supplies a wide range of equipment for the distribution of fogs and fine mists for disinfection and sanitising.  The fogs generated by this equipment are very different in nature to the fluid distributed by cleaning/washdown systems and foaming systems. 

The objective with any fogging system is to maximise the coverage of the disinfecting chemicals and ensure they come into contact with as much of the airspace and surfaces being treated as possible.  This is best achieved by finely atomised sprays which will remain aerosolised for longer periods of time.

The effective distribution of fogs and mists is a significant problem to overcome.  By their very nature, fogs do not have a lot of natural momentum.  For this reason, the use of compressed air or fan-induced air flows is a common feature in our fogging systems.  Not only does the fast moving air help atomise the disinfectant, it also helps distribute it over a wider area.

Compressed air fogging guns

Disinfectant fogging guns operate with compressed air.  Air is passed through the gun and it entrains a low volume of liquid from the integrated container.  This then forms a low volume, well atomised fog which is ejected from the gun.  The gun is controlled by a simple trigger valve.

We offer two types of fogging guns.


Lafferty disinfectant fogger

With the Lafferty guns, dosing rates can be controlled via the insertion of different restrictors into the siphon tube.  This allows for flow rates between 1 litre per hour and 23 litres per hour to be achieved from the same gun. 

The fog produced by these guns is still a damp fog, rather than a dry one so care needs to be taken when using around electrical equipment and other surfaces that cannot tolerate wetting.  Also, full PPE should be worn by the operator and careful attention given to the safety instructions on safe usage of the disinfectant being applied.

To see the Lafferty disinfecting gun in action, scroll down to watch the video:

SNP supplies three models of guns. Scroll down to see the datasheet.


The Eva-Mist disinfectant spray gun

The Eva-Mist spray gun is a quick and easy solution for sanitising and disinfecting surfaces without the need for drying them afterwards.  The spray produced is so fine that it does not cause wetting and so can be used on all surfaces, even fabrics (do not use disinfectants containing bleach if using on fabrics) and electronic items.  It can be used with an existing compressed air supply or we can supply a small, lightweight, oil-free compressor which plugs into the mains.

To see the Eva-Mist in action, watch the video here:



The data sheets on each of the air fog guns can be accessed below by clicking on the relevant product box

LVF83  LVF85  LVF84   Eva-Mist



Motorised backpack foggers

SNP's sister company PSP is the exclusive distributor of the Guarany motorised nebuliser which can project a fog up to 18m horizontally and 12m vertically.  It runs on two-stroke petrol.

For more information, click the box below.

Power fogger


Electric foggers

SNP supplies the Guarany electric disinfectant fogger and the Vector Fog C100+ electric fogger.  Both machines are simple to use, portable and suitable for a range of facilities such as office, clinics, waiting rooms, schools, gyms etc.

See below for full details.

Electric fogger  Vector Fogger


Air-assisted fogging stations

These machines can be permanently installed in a room or on a wheel-mounted mobile unit.  They use compressed air and can project fog up to 7.5m.four way fogger 2

Click on the box for more information.

Air powered fogging stations


Backpack air-assisted fogging system

This innovative solution allows for truly mobile spraying.  The system runs from a compressed air tank and uses siphon-fed air atomising nozzles to produce a very fine fog suitable for disinfection spraying.  As there are no pumps or electrics, the system is suitable for use in hazardous areas and ATEX areas or where powered units cannot be used. 

See the datasheet for more information.

Backpack Divers Fogging

Disinfecting spray engineering considerations

Disinfecting spray nozzles


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