Spiral nozzles for injection

The spirals work by hitting the fluid being sprayed into a helix of metal protruding outside the orifice. This breaks the fluid into a relatively fine spray pattern of many concentric rings to form a full cone spray pattern. The resulting spray pattern is not as evenly distributed as other designs of full cone nozzle but this is not of any particular concern for injection applications as the fluid will rapidly mix with the gas that its is being sprayed into.

For injection purposes spirals would be suitable for injecting fluids into a gas flow but not a liquid flow. Bete produce a low flow (L) version of the standard TF spiral nozzle which can operate with flow rates as low as 0.534 l/minute which would make them a suitable nozzle for injections of fluid at this rate or higher.

The spiral design is naturally clog resistant but does have a long profile which may be a concern if inserting into pipe work as a large hole would need to be cut. If the length of the nozzle is a major problem then lower profile nozzle designs like the tangential whirl may be more appropriate. 

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Low flow rate spiral nozzle

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Spray Injection Engineering Considerations

Spray Injection Nozzle Designs