Spraying viscous fluids - food processing

Many food stuffs can be sticky and viscous.  The fluids being sprayed can also be full of solid particles and thus prone to clogging nozzles.  We provide a range of anti-clogging or clog-resistant nozzle variants.

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The TF range of spiral nozzles is naturally clog-resistant as the spray pattern is formed after exit from the orifice (which is normally the part that gets clogged).  This is a very broad range of nozzles covering a huge array of spray angles and flow rates and so is suitable for many situations.  The nozzles can be made in hygienic 316 stainless steel or PTFE.

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles


The MaxiPass range of nozzles has a specially designed internal whirl chamber that still allows lumpy fluids to be sprayed. 


For air atomising nozzles external mix variants are given to cope with viscosity.  Air atomising nozzles would be used where an exceptionally fine level of atomisation at low flow rates is required.  With the external mix variants this fine atomisation can be achieved with even viscous fluids, like egg glaze.  The nozzles come in a variety of spray patterns.

XAer air atomising , full cone, external mix, narrow spray angle nozzle XAer full cone external mix air atomising nozzle


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