Cleaning large tanks

Tech-articleThe cleaning of storm tanks is somewhat challenging due to their size.  Often these tanks are swimming pool sized or larger and so on a different scale to even the large process/storage tanks found in industry.  As such most automated clean-in-place systems simply do not work.  This has meant reliance on manual (man entry cleaning) or the use of other inefficient methods like tipping buckets or eductors that flush, rather than clean, the tank.

The StormBlaster system, however, changes this.  It is a modified large tank cleaning device that has been used for decades in the cleaning of ocean going tankers.  Many tankers are as big as, or larger than, storm tanks and so it makes perfect sense to repurpose this technology.  The larger, more robust rotary jet cleaners used in the marine industry are thus perfect for cleaning storm tanks.  With effective jet lengths as large as 25 metres they can cope with even the largest of attenuation tanks.

Storm Blaster heavy duty tank cleaner

Key applications

Engineering Challenges


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