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Clean In Place systems essential parts of the food, dairy, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing process. They are vital for ensuring product quality and safety. Poor cleaning can result in catastrophic losses for a business. But CIP is a water intensive, and thus, costly application. But what if there were a way to dramatically reduce water consumption without compromising on effectiveness?

Sinner-circles-modified-with-labels-spray-ballsThe power of impact cleaning

Impact cleaning systems use rotary jets to blast residues from tank walls. Until recently they have mainly been used for larger tanks or very tough residues. The new Orbitor Eco from SNP is a new breed of fast cycle jet cleaner designed to be a direct replacement for spray balls and Sinner-circles-modified-with-labels-ecospinners. It has been engineered to run at low pressures (if necessary) and use low flow rates. It will happily run on a similar pump duty to existing spray balls. But because it is an impingement cleaner it will deliver superior cleaning with far less water. To read how this is achieved please access the article linked in the icon.


Orbitor eco dairy tank cleaning

Easy to swap

Its small size means it can be easily swapped out for spray balls instantly improving the water efficiency. There is:

No need to change pumps
No need to change pipework
No reason not to book a trial today!


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