IBC Cleaning System

SNP's IBC Cleaning System station is a complete solution for cleaning intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) in-house. Where 5-50 IBCs need to be cleaned per week, the IBC cleaning station solution saves time, money and water.

The cleaning of IBCs is a common application in many industries. Often, specialist external companies are used to take away and clean IBCs or companies may clean them manually in-house.

The IBC Cleaning Station system from SNP allows for the quick, safe and effective cleaning of IBCs in house.

This system consists of:

  • A powerful tank cleaning head. Either a rotary jet cleaner (Orbitor Eco) or a spinning tank cleaner (RSB25)
  • A variable speed pump
  • A specially designed positioning arm that holds the tank cleaner in place and fastens to the IBC lid
  • Hose and connectors


The IBC cleaner is incredibly simple to operate. In 5 steps almost any residue can be cleaned in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

  • Simply screw the positioning pipe onto the IBC lid
  • Connect to the pump
  • Connect the pump to a suitable water supply
  • Turn on the pump
  • Turn off when the IBC is clean

Visit https://www.spray-nozzle.co.uk/spray-nozzle-applications/ibc-cleaning to find out more about the IBC Cleaning System.

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