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Rotary spray balls

Rotary Spray BallRotary spray balls produce three fan sprays.  These fan sprays rotate and so sweep around the tank walls ensuring a complete clean.  The rotary motion is powered by the fluid itself and so no external power source is required.

These versatile cleaners are far more water-efficient than static nozzles/spray balls as the momentum of the spray is concentrated in three fan sprays rather than distributed into scores of micro jets (as with spray balls) or into a very wide angle spray pattern (as with spiral nozzle tank cleaners).


Rotary spray balls are a cost effective way of cleaning medium sized tanks but they will struggle to effectively clean tanks with a diameter of much more than 5 metres.

Whilst the impact of the cleaning spray is greater than static nozzles and spray balls, it will still take time to break down tough residues.  This means that for very sticky or burnt-on contaminants rotary spray balls may not be the most water efficient cleaning system and instead rotary jet cleaners should be considered.


Rotary spray balls are amongst the most versatile of tank cleaning systems.

Their small size and slim profile means they can be inserted through an opening as small at 17mm meaning they can be used almost any tank.

For smaller tanks they will almost always improve the water efficiency of the clean over static nozzles.

For larger tanks they represent a cheap, low pressure way of cleaning or rinsing medium to tough residues although they may need to be run for considerable lengths of time to clean some tanks. 

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