Nozzles for tank washing - Opening size requirements

Often the size of the opening into which the tank washing nozzle can be inserted will have an impact on nozzle selection.  Some of the tank cleaning nozzles discussed in this section are not much wider than the pipe onto which the nozzle would be attached - others are considerably larger.  In each of the product sheets and the nozzle selection table the minimum opening size is given. 

Comparison of minimum opening size required for different tank wash nozzles

Each box in the left hand column links to a full data sheet that will open in a separate browser tab.


Minimum Opening sizes


omnidirectional spiral nozzle

25mm – 40mm

25mm is for TW12-20

40mm is for TW1

120mm or 140mm

Larger size is for CLUMP187 and higher

Multi nozzle array LEM

114mm or 133mm

Larger size is for LEM12 and higher

Spray ball nozzles


Various sizes available

HydroWhirl Orbitor - high pressure tank washing nozzle

75mm or 83mm

Small and large sizes available.

Female threaded


Hydro Whirl Tank Cleaning Nozzle

20mm – 70mm

Various sizes available

Female threaded

Orbitor 2 tank cleaner


This is for standard 2 or 4 nozzle build. Custom builds may be higher.

 Orbitor 4 nozzle tank cleaner  125mm
 This is for standard 2 or 4 nozzle build. Custom builds may be higher.
 Dual head tank cleaner  150mm  
 Storm Blaster heavy duty tank cleaner  190mm - 220mm  
Complete Brochure Tank-Wash-brochure-thumb

Tank Washing Engineering Considerations

Tank Washing Nozzle Designs


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