Advantages over manual cleaning

The automated cleaning of IBCs gives 4 key benefits over manual cleaning:

1. Reduces manual labour

Cleaning IBCs is labour intensive and there is, more often than not, far more productive work for employees to be doing. The IBC cleaning kit reduces the time and effort required to clean IBCs and so frees up employees to do more useful activities. This factor alone can mean the investment in an IBC cleaning system will pay for itself in a matter of months. 

2. Improved health and safety

There are potentially serious health and safety concerns when manually cleaning IBCs. The severity of these concerns depends very much on the residue being cleaned. The IBC cleaning systems dramatically reduce human contact with any harmful residues and so vastly improve health and safety.

3. Improves accuracy

With manual cleaning, it is often hard to see if the IBC is entirely clean. Often bits can be missed, particularly if the residue being cleaned is not clearly visible. This can lead to potential contamination problems. The IBC cleaning system ensures that each and every part of the tank is reached by the cleaning fluid in a methodical, robotic way each and every time. 

4. Accessibility

It is actually quite hard to get manual cleaning systems into the IBC to clean the top corners in particular. This difficulty means that some bits can be missed or are very time-consuming to clean. The IBC cleaning system gives a full 360 degree clean meaning those hard-to-reach bits are fully cleaned each and every time.

If you are looking for the best IBC cleaning system for your needs, click here to find out the options and whether you should consider an automated IBC cleaning solution.

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